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The new FPS game you MUST play in 2022

Now over the last few months I’ve been looking for new free to play shooters to try out and riotfall just popped up on my home screen, and to be honest it’s actually pretty good. In the world of games like, phantom forces, arsenal, bad business and so on you don’t expect the best graphics, but riot fall looks surprisingly good for a roblox game with its more human like characters and detailed maps.

However in the end the gameplay is what we care about, and it’s pretty damn fun. Obviously there has been huge inspiration taken from the call of duty series and you can see this everywhere you look, from the movement to the shooting mechanics and even the maps themselves. But it works well in game, especially since this is a roblox shooter, it’s fun to run around, shoot some enemies and rack up the kills, however the lack of advanced movement and shooting mechanics means it’s very much an arcade shooter.

The real draw of this game though is with the customisation and unlocks system, you have a primary weapon, secondary, nades and perks, and all of these can be changed. There’s tons of weapons to choose from, including assault rifles, smgs, lmgs and snipers, and each can be customised with scopes, baralls, stocks and so on. You unlock the weapons as you play the game and unlock attachments as you use the weapons, this means there is hours and hours of content to unlock, however you also get money after each match which you can use to unlock stuff early which is nice. Its really going for that call of duty grindiness, which is decent given you’re always unlocking something new, which you can’t really say for games like arsenal.

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