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DaniDev is no doubt one of the most talented YouTubers out there, and also one of the best indie game developers right now. We’ve seen the huge success of many of his games such as Muck and Crab Game, however his original game is still not released, and that’s Karlson.

Karlson is a fast paced first person shooter, with straight forward gameplay combined with extremely well designed maps, funny weapons, great visual design and lots of fun milk jokes. Really the aim of the game here is skill paced movement and fast map times, perfect for casual and hardcore players.

This has resulted in a cult following, not only from Dani’s fans but also avid speedrunners alike, as it has the fantastic gameplay that people want but also the meme potential to draw anybody in.

Now the demo for Karlson showed a fantastic glimpse into what is to come, each map is well thought out but complex, leaving you wanting to try more and more to get your time down. Gameplay is easy to pick up like the classic FPS games of old but is addicting as more and more elements get introduced. 

Honestly it’s just such a fun game and I can’t wait for the full release. For when that will be though it’s hard to say, Dani has been working on this game for agesss and on the Steam page it’s said “date coming soon” for quite a while. I personally think 2023 is the year, but while we wait make sure to try the demo out.

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