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Shatterline is the new free to play first person shooter by a completely unknown developer in Frag Lab, and this game has been getting a lot of hype from YouTubers and players alike. The reasons are many, so let’s go through why you might want to try Shatterline and more importantly when you can play it next, which is actually really soon.

Shatterline is an arena FPS featuring several traditional PvP modes such as TDM, Conquest, Plant-the-Bomb, and Escort. Players can choose a character, known as operatives along with 25 plus weapons that can be customized via attachments. It hits the main points for a hero shooter, but nothing crazy so far. However In a weird twist Shatterline also features a roguelike co-op mode called Expedition that gives a different, but refreshing angle, and this mode deserves a separate video all for itself

When you first play Shatterline you feel like you’ve seen the elements of this before, people have been calling out the fast paced shooter focused gameplay of Call of Duty black ops 4, the impactful abilities of Valorant, the hints of Overwatch’s user interface, so on and so on. 

So why has Shatterline got youtubers like bigfry excited, simply this game doesn’t try to reinvent the wheel with crazy new mechanics, it doubles down on the stuff we love in an arcade shooter but brings a high level of polish not seen in indie produced free to play games.

So with that said let’s get into the new info on early access.

Shatterline has been in and out of multi day Playtests, however Frag Lab have now announced Shatterline will be going into early access. This will mean continuous uptime, allowing everyone to finally hop in and try it out. This will also result in a progress wipe, however they have promised this will be the final progress wipe moving forward which is awesome. 

Personally, I’m cautiously optimistic. The game is enjoyable and fills a niche in the free to play market, however I need more hands on time to really see if its worth playing this over Valorant, Apex and so on.

Overall Shatterline seems like a great game, but time will tell if it will be worth playing in the long term. For when you can next play it, Shatterline will launch into early access on the 8th of September

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