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Top 10 Free PC Steam Games

Top 10 Free PC Games of 2022 / 2023 (Steam)

Top 10 Free PC Steam Games of 2022 and 2023, the best Free to Play Steam Games for the PC. This list will go over the top ten new free to play games that you must download in 2022 and 2023! If you’re looking for a free game to play on the PC, you’re in the right place!

Road to Vostok

Top 10 Free PC Steam Games

Road to Vostok is a hardcore single-player survival game set in a post-apocalyptic environment. This game is currently in active development however the solo developer has released a free to play steam demo showcasing what this game is about, and its 100% worth a try.

In Road to Vostok you survive, loot, plan and prepare your way across the Border Zone and enter the Vostok. Being a single player shooter, this game focuses on atmosphere, exploration and interactivity, with an emphasis on realistic weapon mechanics, advanced survival systems and hostile NPC’s, which all sound incredible to me.

Owinka Shooter

While on the surface Owinka Shooter seems like Karlson and the such, and to an extent it borrows for them, it’s actually much more than that and is definitely a recommended game to try.

Part fast paced shooter, part story driven adventure, part puzzler, Owinka Shooter dials into the story telling seen in games like Portal but condenses it into a smaller package.

The gameplay is nothing crazy but hits the fundamentals well, the graphics are super basic but that doesn’t really matter, Owinka Shooter is just a really fun experience, especially for fans of Karlson.

Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game  and is arguably one of the most popular and long-standing in its genre. In a sea of subscription based mmorpgs Guild Wars 2 takes a different approach, with the base game being free but expansions being paid. This has resonated with fans, along with the fast paced combat and deep character customisation, so it makes sense why this game is still around since its release in 2012.

The reason it’s on today’s list is because on the 24th of August 2022 it finally hit the Steam store, making it way easier to download and therefore making a lot of people happy.

Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodhunt

Next up today is Vampire The Masquerade, BloodHunt, a vampire themed battle royale shooter. 

On the surface it just seems like vampires with guns but there is definitely more to it. Starting off there are 6 classes, all with unique passive and active abilities that have a huge amount of impact within the game. There is also a big emphasis on vertical movement as you can easily climb up walls to get a big advantage, and adding in the large selection of weapons means there are a lot of ways to approach your fights. 

Graphically it’s great, movement and shooting is standard third person shooter stuff, check this game out


COUNTERSIDE is the next game today, an anime-style strategy rpg. Living not only on Steam but also on the mobile, CounterSide is all about recruiting units to your squad, destroying enemies, leveling up and so on, so the classic mobile game pattern. The emphasis here though is really put on the team building and management and there’s tons of depth, alas feeding into the gacha style.

The standout feature about this game is obviously the graphics, as ingame you’ll see full character models along with illustrated cutscenes drawn in the fantastic art style, and this plus just tons of stuff happening on screen is wild. Naturally as a mobile game it’s super easy to run, really any PC will be able to play this which is great.

Operation Harsh Doorstop

Next is Operation: Harsh Doorstop, an upcoming Patreon funded first person tactical shooter headed by YouTuber bluedrake42.

Harsh Doorstop looks insanely good for a small indie team, attempting to go head to head against battlefield and other triple A games with high production value and awesome gameplay. The gameplay itself is a great combination of battlefield, arma and the such, and that’s backed up by detailed maps, tons of content and awesome looking graphics.

As a taste of what this game is going to deliver the team has released a demo, its singleplayer only with AI but shows off the great gameplay. Now for the actual release date for this free to play shooter  they have penciled in february 2023, so get keen for that.

The Looker

A parody of 2016’s The Witness, The Looker is a fun and weird puzzle game featuring over 55 puzzles across its approximately 2 hour play time. The surprising element of this game is that despite it being free to play, the puzzles are super creative and there has obviously been a lot of effort put into it. Though the puzzles are not the only big draw, as this game is also big on the jokes and humor making it a joy to play. 

The combination of these elements is perfect, the puzzles also have that hint of humor and it’s great seeing the story develop. This makes the Looker one of the best gameplay experiences in 2022, not just the free to play realm, and this is reflected in the overwhelmingly positive Steam reviews that confirm you must try this game out.


Shatterline is a new free to play first person shooter by a completely unknown developer in Frag Lab, and this game has been getting a lot of hype from youtubers and players alike

Shatterline is an arena FPS featuring several traditional PvP modes such as TDM, Conquest, Plant-the-Bomb and Escort, along with a rougelike co-op mode called Expedition. Players can choose a character, known as operatives along with 25 plus weapons that can be customized via attachments.

Gameplay wise it’s a combination of call of duty, apex legends, overwatch and so on, but with the polish not seen from many new free to play shooters. It also looks good but doesn’t require crazy specs, only needing an 8th gen i5, 8 gig of ram and a geforce 750 ti.

Overall it’s quite fun and definitely worth a try if you’re looking for a new time sink.

Omega Strikers

Next up today Omega Strikers, a free-to-play 3v3 game where your objective is to knock out opponents and score goals.

Omega Strikers bleeds the line between rocket league, league of legends and strategy games, as you use attacks and abilities from a variety of different characters known as strikers to beat your opponents. This game uses a three vs three format, with there being unranked, ranked and private lobbies across a variety of maps, and this is a great combination.

Its super intense, quick matches make it perfect for a game between studying or even waiting for a game queue, and the squad features make it easy to play with friends.

It’s also fairly easy to run, so low spec fans make sure to check this one out.

Honorable Mention - Gundam Evolution

Our first honorable mention for today is Gundam Evolution, a completely new free to play first person shooter based on the Gundam universe. In this game you take control of mobile suits straight from the anime and battle enemies in 6 vs 6 matches. Heavily inspired by hero shooters such as Overwatch, Gundam Evolution features units across the Gundam universe, all having different abilities, support functions, HP levels and so on.

The reason this admitally great game is in the honorable mentions spot is because of its release, as Bandai Namco for some reason has decided to exclude various regions from playing the game at all. This includes Australia, Portugal, India, South America and so on, and it’s definitely one big step towards killing your game.

Honorable Mention - Project Zero

Our next honorable mention today is Project Zero, and this for sure is the sleeper pick on today’s list, a rouge-like shooter that delivers waves upon waves of zombies for you to mow down.

Graphically, despite its more blocky look, it actually has a great level of detail which is impressive. What we really care about though is the combat, which admitally is very point and shoot. The addition of the different weapons and attributes really spices it up though, with a good number of combinations to try and this links well into the leveling up system.

Overall Project Zero is a great game, however be warned there is currently no English translation and that’s the main reason it’s in the honorable mentions spot.


Multiversus is attempting to be the next generation of platform fighting games, going right up against the juggernauts of brawlhalla and smash. 

In Multiversus you team up with or against your friends with some iconic characters including Batman, Shaggy, Superman, Bugs Bunny & more. There’s a huge variety of maps, customisation and overall content, and it’s incredibly obvious that Warner Brothers is putting a lot behind this game to try and break into the scene.

Graphically this game looks fantastic and the gameplay is pretty good too with heaps of combos, it’s got that classic brawler style with a fresh coat of 2022 paint. 

Mode wise there’s a lot on the table, there’s the 2v2 co-op-focused experience, intense 1v1s and also the 4-Player Free For All. A very interesting aspect is that the devs are really leaning into the competitive and ranked experience, with support for online and local play. In terms of when you can play it, Multiversus launched barely a week ago so it’s one of the few games in this list you can checkout right now!

These are the best free PC Steam games for 2022 / 2023, find more free PC games here.

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