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The 10 free games to play right now

Free to play is exploding in popularity in 2022, however there is not a crazy amount of new games to play.

This is why I’ve compiled the 10 new free games to play in 2022, so let’s get straight into it.

Operation Harsh Doorstop

First up today is Operation Harsh Doorstop, a new free to play tactical shooter headed by YouTuber bluedrake42  that we’ve talked about before on this channel.

Huge things have happened since then, with the operation doorstop single player demo going live on Steam. You can play with 16v16 bots on a large variety of maps across different eras, experiencing the awesome tactical gameplay and sweet weapons.

Brainbread 2

BrainBread 2 has slowly moved to be the new face of the arcade zombie shooter genre, and best of all it’s free to play. Hugely inspired by left 4 dead, Brainbread 2 features 5+ unique game modes, heaps of weapons, lots of skill customization and more, simply 6+ years of development means tons of content has been packed in.

This game is now finally out of early access, which is how I found it, and it’s definitely worth a shot.

Tap Ninja

Tap Ninja is a clicker 2d side scroller, where you destroy enemies, earn gold and upgrade your village. The game has a great sense of progression and its pretty addicting getting stronger, add in the cute music and awesome visuals and it’s a great package.

Now given the graphics it makes sense the required specs are low, all you need is an intel core 2 duo and half a gig of ram.


Crowz is a third and person tactical shooter that gives off big PUBG, Warzone and Battlefield vibes. The gameplay is to be honest what you expect, a little rough around the edges with slightly janky shooting and movement, but its still fun.

The main problem with this game though is the optimization as it runs horrifically on pretty much every PC, add in the bugs and glitches and it’s a rough time. Give it a try if you want to scratch that battlefield itch.

TimeShooters 2

Next up today is Time Shooter 2, a browser based first-person shooter hugely inspired by Superhot where time stands still until you move. The gameplay is pretty on point, you need to plan your shots, move carefully and dodge enemy fire in slo-mo combat.

Graphically its really cool too, it’s got that low cell untextured aesthetic however the weapons have a decent amount of detail which is cool.


A very quick mention is the slide hopping fast paced browser first person shooter called, as there is a decent amount of new content. Ranked season 3 is out, new maps, new modes, heaps of additional skins and a new secondary weapon too. Krunker is always fun and if you wanna try it out, please feel free to sign up using my referral link.

Grapple Gear

Grapple Gear is a fast-paced speed-running game focused on using your grapple for movement. The goal of each level is to grapple from platform to platform as you try and beat each level’s gold medal time and your own personal best. It’s pretty fun and visually its not that bad, but the true star is the soundtrack which is incredibly good.

Shadow Burglar

Shadow Burglar is definitely the hidden gem on today’s list, a third person stealth action game with some unique concepts.

You play as Jean, a thief with the mystical power of morphing with the shadows. With this you can zip across gaps and take out guards by literally sending them to the shadow realm, all in an attempt to get your brother’s paintings back. Gameplay is sick, graphically it’s great and best of all it’s free.


Next up is Phobies, a new tactical card strategy game where you collect and upgrade monsters called Phobies, and there are over 120 of them. You then battle in game on the hex based environments, putting your Witt’s to the test. What really draws you into this game though is the fantastic art, along with the awesome animations. This along with the asynchronous gameplay, ability to play multiple matches at once and challenges to complete means there’s lots to do in this game.

Paint Warfare

Paint Warfare is probably, not definitely, the weirdest game on today’s list. It’s a first person shooter which takes everything to the extreme. Movement is nuts, you can dash like crazy and also grapple around the map, along with grenade boosting too. The time to kill is insanely quick too, which you wouldn’t expect from the cute and simple visuals. It’s fun and has people playing, check it out.

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