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Top 10 Free Games of 2023

Top 15 Free Games to Play in 2023, the best Free to Play Games for the PC, Xbox and Playstation. This list will go over the top ten new free to play games that you must download in 2023! If you’re looking for a free game to play, you’re in the right place!

The Division Heartland

Starting out today is The Division Heartland,  a free-to-play multiplayer shooter set as a standalone adventure in the division universe. In this game you play as a trained Division agent tasked with protecting a small town, directly tying into the division timeline.

From the short trailer the gameplay looks extremely similar to the previous division games which is awesome. The graphics look awesome too, and hopefully that translates in game to set off the whole package.

Currently closed betas are in progress but a release date has not been announced, check it out on PC and all major consoles


Next is HypeSquad, the upcoming fast-paced, close-quarters combat title heading the next generation of S4 League or GunZ like games, focusing on skill based dueling.

This is highlighted as you can personalize your combat style with unique weapon combinations and augmenters to really show off your skill. Another big element of this game is the large group of heroes to choose from, and this in conjunction with a vast array of melee and ranged weapons gives heaps of variety, adding to the appeal of HypeSquad.

Matchmaking wise you can squad up in groups of 3 in a 20 squad battle, so up to 60 players per match which is quite a lot. Release date wise there is nothing concrete so far, but it will be sometime in 2023

Blue Protocol

Blue Protocol is by far one of the most hyped free to play games of the last few years, a MMORPG being made by Bandai Namco that looks incredible.

The first thing you see is the insanely good anime style graphics featuring a fantastic level of detail, not only for the environments but also the vast array of characters. This goes hand in hand with the action packed gameplay which looks easy to pick up, but no doubt has the depth needed to foster a hardcore community. As always there will be deep character customisation and team play, but other than that we’re a bit in the dark 

To top it off, Blue Protocol’s release has been confirmed for the second half of 2023 for PC, PS5, & Xbox Series X/S.

KartRider: Drift

The first kart games today is KartRider Drift,Nexon’s free to play attempt to rival Mario kart. The gameplay in Drift looks awesome, easy to pick up but with a super fast pace, but it also looks quite in depth and competitive. This is via the speed game mode which features precise controls, advanced drifting, no items and more skilled gameplay, overall a super interesting addition. Add on top of this the deep kart customization and it seems like kart rider drift is for both the casual and hardcore racer fans.

Graphically KartRider Drift looks fantastic, yes it is running on the unreal 4 engine but it’s bright, colorful and detailed, which is reflected in the moderately high system specs. Release date crazily it has actually been confirmed, try it out on the 12th of January 2023.

The First Descendant

Nexon really is trying to blitz the free to play world in 2023, as they’re releasing another game in The First Descendant, a third-person cooperative action RPG shooter. 

Story wise its pretty loose, you’re a descendant and you fight the invaders, what the game truly brings is the graphics which are simply ridiculously good, as its being powered by Unreal engine 5. Gameplay wise it looks awesome too, a 3rd person shooter structure with deep role playing game elements such as character customisation of guns, accessories and sub weapons. Moving a step back there are various characters to choose from with different skills and styles, perfect for the 4 player co-op between friends.

Release date wise all we know is early 2023.

Warhammer 40k Warpforge

The next addition to the collection card game genre is Warhammer 40k warpforge, a game that brings together all the major factions of the Warhammer 40k universe as digital cards.

Focused on fast-paced skirmishes, Warpforge doesn’t stride too far from your classic gameplay seen in Hearthstone and the such, but it does promise single player campaigns, competitive multiplayer modes and also alliance wars which is an interesting concept.

It also brings the visual element with awesome art, background graphics which looks awesome but that doesn’t affect the system specs, as all you need is 2 gig of RAM. For a release date it’s set to launch sometime in 2023, we don’t have much more info than that.

Operation: Harsh Doorstop

Next today is a game called Operation: Harsh Doorstop, an upcoming Patreon funded free to play first person tactical shooter headed by YouTuber bluedrake42.

I’ve featured this game a few times last year and for good reason, it has super solid gameplay and decent graphics but more importantly its attempting to go head to head against battlefield and other triple A games by truly listening to the community. The gameplay itself is bolstered by detailed maps, tons of content and awesome looking graphics, rounding out the package.

Currently there is a singleplayer only demo but the release date has been confirmed for the 16th of February 2023, get keen.


A sneaky addition to this list is Warlander, a free to play multiplayer game that has come out of nowhere. On there surface Warlander seems like another medieval game, but it also adds in mages, fantasy items, abilities and robots into a unique, but definitely weird combination.

With a focus on squad play and battlefield control, there is a big element of strategy but doesn’t seem to detract from the straight up crazy combat featuring up to a 100 players. The devs further describe the gameplay as a combination of MOBA team fighting, knock out gameplay of battle royales and 3rd person hack and slash, which seems pretty interesting to me.

Currently Warlander is in the closed beta phase but a release is slated for sometime in 2023.


Next today is Tom Clancy’s xdefiant, an upcoming fast paced arena first person shooter from industry giants Ubisoft. Part generic shooter, part hero shooter, XDefiant focuses on different factions called defiants, which all have unique looks and more importantly unique abilities, for example the wolves are tanks and have a walking shield dome, the cleaners are assault focused and have a flamethrower, so on and so on. 

You’ve also got your loadouts where you choose your weapons, attachments, grenades etc which gives a good degree of customisation. Graphically it looks decent and the gameplay looks okay too, its a bit hard to be super excited for what seems to be another arena shooter but fingers crossed it’s good. Release date wise we’ve got a coming soon, expect it in early to mid 2023.

My Hero Ultra Rumble

Next on today’s list is my hero academia ultra rumble, a 24 player battle Royale game based on the hit anime series.

This game doesn’t stray too far from the battle Royale formula, you pick your favourite character, team up with up to two other people, drop in, collect items and try to win the match.

Graphically this game looks like a joy, it’s got that classic anime style mixed with bright and vibrant environments to visually pull everything together. Gameplay wise we have limited footage but it seems to be a combo focused melee brawler, quite different from most out there.

System spec wise we have no info and betas are just getting started, look forward to it in very late 2023.

Veiled Experts

Next up today is Veiled Experts, a strategic action third person shooter being developed and published by Nexon. 

Gameplay wise it borrows from the Rogue Company formula, with it being search and destroy taken to the next level. This can be seen not only by the cast of agents, but also the round by round buying system where you can purchase weapons, tech tree advancements and tactical items. 

Beyond this, Veiled Experts has your standard set of 3rd person shooter movement, including rolling, vaulting, climbing and hanging, all of which can be incorporated while shooting for dynamic combat. 

A new factor to the equation though is the dynamically changing battlefields as throughout the match you can encounter unexpected sandstorms, sea fog, buildings being destroyed, bridges collapsing and more. Overall seems decent, but we’ll have to see when it comes it sometime in 2023

Disney Speedstorm

By far one of the most hyped games on this list is Disney Speedstorm, a hero-based combat racing game set on circuits inspired by Disney and Pixar worlds. 

In a direct attempt to rival Mario Kart, Speedstorm features a huge cast of characters including Captain Jack Sparrow, Mulan, Mickey Mouse, Sulley, and more. Each has unique skills that can sway the race, and you’re also able to upgrade their stats. 

Gameplay wise it looks amazing, fast paced high quality kart racing with drifting and advanced driving mechanics. This in conjunction with the fantastic graphics and high level of detail, which you can see in the characters and also the racetracks is an awesome combination. Release date wise we know it will be out sometime in 2023, but an official date is not out.

ARC Raiders

Personally, one of the most exciting upcoming free to play games is ARC Riders, a cooperative third-person shooter being developed by former DICE members that has now been delayed to 2023.

This game is described as a reimagined shooter and that’s for good reason, you need to work with your squad in an intense struggle to push back the onslaught of ARC. The gameplay looks next level and backs up the premise, it’s focused on large scale battles against huge mechs with tons of weapons, it’s different and definitely not your typical point and shoot title.

Graphically ARC Raiders looks insane, a step above the standard and makes me even more excited to finally check it out. Release date wise all we know is it’s been delayed to 2023, no solid dates yet.


A game that has come out of nowhere is The Finals, a free to play first person shooter that is incredibly ambitious. The core concept is you’re on a game show called the finals, and you fight in arenas to earn cash and prestige. The interesting part is the arenas are based on real world locations, but they can be altered, exploited and completely destroyed thanks to the insane environmental destruction. This ties in with this game trying to not just be a typical shooter, yes you can use different weapons the finals seems to be more about

Overall I’m super excited for the finals and I can’t wait to try it out, we know the closed alpha started in september 2022 so fingers crossed for a late 2023 release.

Path of Exile 2

Next is Path of Exile 2, the huge expansion to Path of Exile that will change everything. Introducing a completely new campaign storyline consisting of seven acts, and an overhaul of many of the game’s core systems, Path of Exile 2 seems amazing, look forward to it sometime in 2023.

These are the best free PC Steam games for 2023, find more free PC games here.

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