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Splitgate: The Free FPS to Play Right NOW in 2021! (it’s back)

Hey guys, this is undercoverdudes all the way from down under and today we’re talking about the free to play first person shooter called Splitgate. Simply, Splitgate is an arena shooter in the style of Halo, however it has portals which completely changes how you play first person shooters and its a super fun concept

Now I featured this game in my Top 10 free games list back in july 2019 when the game had just come out and it was a lot of fun and it had a great launch, but then it pretty much died, partially because it just released on Steam and nothing else, but also just a lack of content.

But out of seemingly nowhere this game has come back with a vengeance, with a 24 hour peak on steam of 12,600 players which is the highest in the game’s history. Why is this happening you might ask, well it’s revived because of the upcoming console launch with full crossplay between PC, Xbox and Playstation. Currently a beta is live for it and people are going nuts, but especially on console, where its number 1 trending on playstation and in total this game has received 600,000 downloads over the weekend. It very much seems that Halo fans have flocked to this title and will continue coming, especially after the full console launch on July 27.

Now obviously the console launch is a huge factor, but let’s not discredit the developers and their efforts as all the way from 2019 this free to play has continuously got update after update and it’s obvious this small indie studio has put the hard yards.

First up the graphics look way better, the UI is cleaner and better to digest, way more maps, way more modes, they’ve really added a lot of meat to the bones and this game is now fully fledged. Plus this game has had a full rebrand to just Splitgate, instead of Splitgate Arena Warfare, and the marketing material too, everything is better. Just look at this before and after footage.

All Splitgate needed was that spark to ignite it and that’s exactly what this free to play console launch is, because let’s be honest the amount of good free to play console shooters is absolutely lacking. Then add in you can play with your PC and other console friends and it’s just a great mix.

Now I’m happy for Splitgate’s current success and excited about its future. Right now there is a lack of good new games, especially fps games, and they are definitely plugging that whole, but my concern is when Halo Infinite comes out. Previous Halo releases, who cares, those were paid games, but Halo Infinite has free to play multiplayer and it’s on the PC and it’s crossplay. Is it just me or are people playing Splitgate right now, and then will swap to Infinite when it comes out, who knows.

But with that said, I reckon its time I show you some live gameplay and just how fun Splitgate can be. If you want more videos on this game please like and subscribe, but let’s get straight into it

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