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Top 10 Free Games to Play in 2022

Hey guys, this is undercoverdudes and today we’re checking out 10 more upcoming free to play games to play in 2022. 

Don’t worry these are all completely new games that are coming soon, and I guarantee you’ll find a game you will love.

World War 3

WW3 is a online multiplayer first person shooter, taking a big page from battlefield and other large scale tactical shooters and is actually coined the battlefield killer.

In WW3 you team up in huge 20v20 battles either on foot or in tanks or other vehicles, using a large variety of weapons to your advantage.

It has really solid gameplay, great graphics with a very battlefield like user interface, and overall plays fairly well. On top of the 20v20 mode there is also classic team deathmatch, and these can be played on a variety of maps such as the streets of Warsaw, berlin, moscow and more.

Now the release of World War 3 is interesting as currently its a live paid title on Steam, however its being rereleased as a free to play title sometime in march 2022.


Predecessor is a third person MOBA shooter that is a spiritual successor to the hugely fun game called paragon.

In Predecessor you and four allies join arms as you fight on the battlefield against enemy heroes on a 3 lane map featuring an interactive jungle, epic monsters and more. The graphics are definitely the first thing that hits you as Predecessor looks insane, the unreal engine is being flexed to the max and the art is really nice.

Gameplay wise it looks hugely fun, with each hero having unique abilities and therefore there’s tons of different playstyles. It looks to have all the pillars of a great moba and the true soul of paragon, so I’m really excited to see how it goes moving forward. There has been a few betas and its currently in development, with a release slated for some point in 2022.


UNDECEMBER is a hack and slash action rpg that has got people excited with its fluid combat and tons of customization options.

First impressions this game gives off big Path of Exile feels, with the isometric camera and looter nature coming through very strongly. However the combat is very much front and center, with it looking really fluid and in depth with the large amount of abilities and enemy types. There is also a heavy emphasis on it’s rune system which generates an almost infinite number of skill combinations, bringing forward tons of content.

Given the huge success of Lost Ark you might ask why you would play this, however Undecember is going to be a totally crossplatform title available not only on the PC but also on android and ios, which is huge. Now release wise we actually have a solid date of quarter 1 2022, so get hyped

Roller Champions

Roller Champions is an upcoming free-to-play sports game developed by Ubisoft Montreal, and in essence its rocket league but on roller skates. Roller Champions is a 3v3 competitive game in the 3rd person perspective, basically get possession of the ball, do a lap without getting interrupted and shoot the ball into the goal to score, simple as that. Graphically this game is super bright and colorful, very much like Rocket League, and it looks just as good as that game too.

The gameplay focuses heavily on speed and getting that ball through tackles and team moves, setting this up to be a great team game. Now on the official discord for Roller champions the team has confirmed this game will be released before march 31st 2022, so watch out for it.

Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodhunt

Next up is Vampire The Masquerade, BloodHunt, a vampire themed battle royale shooter with some really cool and unique concepts. While from first look it just seems like vampires with guns, but there is a bit more to it. Starting off there are 6 classes, all with unique passive and active abilities that have a huge amount of impact within the game. 

There is also a big emphasis on vertical movement as you can easily climb up walls to get a big advantage, and adding in the large selection of weapons means there are a lot of ways to approach your fights. 

Graphically it’s great, and movement and shooting is standard third person shooter stuff. While it originally had an open beta in 2021, the game has gone back out into full development and is planned for release in spring 2022


CROWZ is a new upcoming multiplayer shooter, taking inspiration from battlefield, call of duty and the such. Unlike the other shooters on this list Crowz is a korean free to play shooter, and if you’ve played Ironsight, Black Squad and the such these games will seem fairly familiar, but this one focuses on larger scale 64 player matches fighting over control points.

Gameplay, movement etc look pretty standard for a fast paced shooter, however there’s a weird quirk where you can choose between 1st and third person views. Graphically it looks quite nice however I’ve seen from other YouTubers the frame rate in the betas was very low, so we’ll need to see if they optimize this moving forward.  Release date wise all we have is a coming soon banner, so stay tuned and subscribe for more updates.

Operation Harsh Doorstop

Next we have Operation: Harsh Doorstop, an upcoming Patreon funded first person tactical shooter that is going to be completely free upon release with no microtransactions.

Headed by YouTuber bluedrake42, Harsh Doorstop looks insanely good for a small indie team, attempting to go head to head against battlefield and other triple A games with high production value and awesome gameplay.

Talking about the gameplay it looks exceptional, with a great combination of battlefield, arma and the such, and that’s backed up by detailed maps, tons of content and awesome looking graphics. This is all based around a fictional conflict during 1991, but also adding operations such as the gulf war, the historic world wars and even modern warfare. Release date wise it seems to be coming out quite soon as they have stated early 2022, so I’m definitely really excited,


Next up is Exomecha, a massively multiplayer online first-person shooter game that is being released on all xbox consoles and the PC. Not much is currently known about Exomecha however the gameplay trailer looks absolutely unreal, with super fast paced futuristic combat against giant mechs. The weapons look super detailed, the environment and map does as well, however those assassination animations are a little bit janky.

It looks like a massive combination of Halo, Titanfall and other epic FPS games, kind of like a Transformers movie in a first person shooter form. Release wise we don’t have a solid date however the developers have said it will be coming out in quarter 1 2022.


Next up today is Rumbleverse, an all new upcoming free to play 40 person battle royale brawler that looks epic. This game’s emphasis is on melee combat, going toe to toe with uniquely designed champions to try and be the sole victor. Graphically it looks extremely cartoonish with bright graphics, similar in a way to fortnite. While we only have 1 gameplay trailer currently, it honestly looks pretty fun with straightforward melee whacking which is quite different to most battle royale games out right now.

Release wise it’s going to be available on pc, playstation 4 and 5, xbox one and series x and s which is nuts, with full crossplay enabled. Release wise Rumbleverse has been delayed and won’t release on the 15th of feb, but they’re saying sometime this year.

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